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CV Tech

The IT world is bursting with ways to make you and your company more nimble, more profitable, more customer friendly. You just need someone to get you there. CV Tech is a team of forward thinkers with tremendous IT know-how and extensive field experience. Even better, we listen and communicate in familiar terms, not technical language you don’t understand.

We're Different!

We think and act like an IT department, not a vendor. This means we're advocates for your business goals and objectives. We don't take incentives from hardware or software companies; our advice and solution recommendations are specific to your individual needs. Our technical team is experienced in finding creative solutions to technical problems, solutions that improve reliability, reduce cost, and add value.

Do you have any of the following issues with your IT support?

  • Can't respond quickly due to out-of-town location, and charges a lot for travel
  • Delivers poor value, and leaves you wondering, "What did I just pay for?"
  • Problems come right back, just days later, and the vendor won't take ownership
  • Unprofessional, poor communicator, and just dreadful to be around
  • Task-oriented, and doesn’t listen to and/or care about your long-term business goals
  • Doesn’t return calls, is unorganized
  • Often bills you while they learn how to address a problem
Have you been struggling to achieve any of the following?

  • Increase the return on your technology investments
  • Develop technology strategies and policies that help your business operate more efficiently
  • Establish a long-term budget and IT plan for your organization
  • Learn which new technologies, such as cloud, VoIP, or virtualization, could actually benefit your organization
  • Develop a phone system that’s courteous to the caller and routes calls efficiently
  • Share files and phone calls between two or more locations
  • Connect to your work network from home or on the road
Take a moment and think about how your IT vendors interacts with you. Do they respect your goals, your priorities, and your bottom line? If not, then it might be time to make a change. We hope you'll consider the advocacy and personal service you'll receive from our team of IT experts. Contact us today for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.

Our Team

CV Tech is local small business with offices in Toledo, Ohio and Rochester, Michigan. We’re not IT guys, we’re degreed IT professionals. Our president and our senior network engineer have over twenty-five years of corporate IT experience. We're experts in IT strategy, customer support and field service.

Our planning and leadership skills include datacenter management, equipment procurement and provisioning, resource planning and optimization, and IT finance. We manage vendor contracts and negotiate support relationships with external partners and IT organizations. We also assist with corporate marketing activities by integrating corporate brands, colors and logos into IT systems.

Our technical skills include Windows Server, Active Directory, DHCP/DNS, LAN/WAN configuration, Cisco networking, PC setup and deployment, data backup and recovery, and other corporate IT platforms.

Technology Infrastructure
  • Develop robust network infrastructures using Cisco firewalls, routers and switches
  • Deploy scalable enterprise WiFi systems using Ubiquiti UniFi and Cisco equipment
  • Install neat and reliable structured cabling systems for data, voice, video and other systems
  • Build custom server and PC systems for specialized applications (medical, industrial, kiosk, and outdoor, etc.)
  • Configure, upgrade and deploy server systems including Dell PowerEdge and HP ProLiant
  • Enable secure remote access to business systems using VPN, Remote Desktop, and other technologies
IT Strategy
  • Study your business practices and organization to determine what IT offerings can make you a better company.
  • Glean more value from your existing IT investments to help you achieve more.
  • Program for flexibility to ensure that systems will adapt as you grow.
  • Plan and manage enhancements to existing systems and implementation of any new hardware and software
  • Document system architecture and function for easy, on-going management
IT Support
  • Fix computer and system issues ON TIME, THE FIRST TIME!
  • Expand the capacity of existing systems with new features and capabilities
  • Implement security safeguards to keep systems protected
  • Configure new equipment for optimum use
  • Resolve issues using remote support tools when possible
Managed Services
  • Host applications and other services to maximize application performance and reliability.
  • Managed backup and antivirus offernings for hassle-free protection and security.
  • Provide managed and monitored, wired and wireless access for any environment, including residents, customers, medical patients and guests
  • Meet enterprise requirements for fast and reliable services on a small/midsize budget
  • Program systems so that a small subset of high-demand users does not negatively affect the experience of everyone on the network
Multimedia Support
  • Develop audio and video systems that make a powerful statement for your business
  • Custom build design solutions…from a single television to sophisticated multi-screen displays throughout your facility
  • Install a well-documented system that is easy to use and looks and sounds great


We offer smaller companies the ability to bring the skills and experience of a corporate IT department into their business. We take the time to understand your goals and objectives, and develop an IT plan geared at meeting those needs.

We offer top-notch workmanship, delivering technology solutions that look as great as they function. This attention to detail means our systems are more reliable, easier to troubleshoot, and project a more professional image toward your customers and employees.

Architecture & Planning


We design low voltage networks and IT systems. We produce detailed project scope documents, manage the bidding and selection process, and coordinate and supervise the execution.

Desktop PC Upgrade & Repair


We troubleshoot PC problems and install upgrades, such as memory and multiple monotors, to enable employees to work more efficiently. We'll setup your new computers, transfer programs and documents, and then safely recycle your old equipment.

Network Analysis & Auditing


We install and maintain all types of network infrastructure and offer a broad range of analysis and auditing services. We connect remote sites and workers, troubleshoot network performance issues, and make recommendations to improve availability, performance and security.

Help Desk Services


Our friendly and patient technicians can assist your employees with common PC issues. With your authorization, we can connect remotely to diagnose PC problems, install software, and perform repairs. We also offer scheduled "PC Cleanups" and custom training solutions.

A/V Systems


Our team designs and installs surveillance cameras and multi-television video systems for restaurants, retail, and other commercial environments. We can develop a system for your unique application and setting.

Technology Review


We’ll review your phone, Internet, long distance, and other technology expenses to make sure you're receiving the best possible value. We'll make recommendations and assist with transitioning to other products and services.



We offer a complete range of cabling services. You can expect top-notch craftsmanship with a variety of cabling platforms, including Ethernet, telephone, CATV, and satellite systems. We install specialized low-voltage systems for security and audio/video, and even do some fiber optic work in-house.

Server Maintenance & Repair


We’re experienced in maintenance and repair of office network servers. We’ll review event logs, perform hardware upgrades to improve performance, and install security patches and upgrades to the operating system and application software.


RocketNet is our best-in-class Internet and TV distribution system for hotels, multi-dwelling buildings, and apartment communities. Our platform delivers reliable, high-speed Internet access and rich video programming for a low monthly fee. Our proprietary system empowers property owners to issue temporary Internet access to guests, content-filtered access to employees, and smart prioritization so everyone receives a fair experience. Contact us today to learn how RocketNET can deliver a great Internet and television experience to your guests, customers or residents.